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back to old time

2010年08月16日 04:16

i really really really want to do that.
back to old time.
start over.
i want to do that,it is because myself.
not because by any person.
i know i had a dark side my heart.
many people had it.
but i don't know how deep and dark inside my heart.
how can i cut the PAST.
i don't want to think about it.
but the PAST always came to me in my brain without a call.
when i walk in street.
stay at home.
watch a movie.
some time something just like a trigger.
put the PAST on.
i hate the PAST.
when the PAST came to me.
always make me negative.
how there can you do that to me!
your fucking shit PAST.
when the shit PAST came.
i will try to find the good PAST to fright with it.
but the shit PAST often kill the good PAST.
shit PAST will make me close my heart.
dear shit PAST, please close my brain to.
let me can don't think about you.
want to know how deep and dark in my heart? shit PAST.
just come.
try me!
i hate PAST.
look forward.
don't look back.
it will eat you.
like a hell.
won't let you go.
just run run run run run and run.
don't look back.
if it came to you.
don't think.
just kill it by your own hand.
even you may not can kill it.
pick up the weapon,
let it pay!